Case Study
A Dream Coming True
A school in Turkey work hard to create a productive garden
Theme: Connecting with nature
The students in their garden

When the Turkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Water Explorer team in Turkey decided to turn an unused area in their school yard into a full-fledged garden nothing was going to stand in the way of their dreams.

Their first step was to convince their local municipality to provide them with soil and research the most suitable seeds to grow. Then they confronted a bigger hurdle – they had very little gardening knowledge.  With the help of a local environmental NGO, they leapt over this obstacle. 

In fact, the extraordinary success of garden is testament to the team’s gardening expertise. 

They share the products they grow. They even prepared the food they offered at their Water Festival with the produce from their garden!

Their teacher is convinced: “ We would have never seen this dream come true if it wasn’t for the Water Explorer programme!”

The whole school is proud of their garden.  They are determined to keep it going and with the younger students now being taught how to grow food, there’s no reason why this green haven should not continue to flourish. 

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