Case Study
A sustainable fashion show!
Water Explorers hold a sustainable fashion show at their school
Theme: Creativity
The models!

The Water Explorers at Auguste Carbonel School in the South of France realised that by recycling and upcycling old clothes, and encouraging everyone in their school to do the same, they could reduce their Secret Water footprint substantially. 

Every year the school celebrates the end of the school year with a show involving all the students. But this time it was not a simple celebration with songs and dance. This year, one class, a Water Explorer team, decided to make a fashion show out of recycled outfits.

The team had already completed a variety of Water Explorer Challenges and established many new habits in the school such as toy trades, vegetarian menus, and paper recycling.  But this fashion show was one of their biggest challenges.

By involving the whole school and town community they managed to recover 50kg of worn out clothing.  With the help of a student from an applied art college, the children were then able to make new clothes out of the old ones.  Their most ambitious design was the creation of a wedding dress out of a large white sheet and plastic cups.

The show was a massive success. As the 20 students of the Water Explorer team took to the catwalk, they amazed students with their designs and showed just how fabulous a sustainable fashion show could be.  

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