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Human Impact and Awareness -BHS - Reflection
Posted by Bermuda High School, Bermuda on 18 June 2015

How do humans impact the beaches and why?

Humans have a big impact on the beaches because we are convinced that we are on top of the food chain and polluting the oceans does not effect instantly. We are lazy and arrogant and don't see the real damage that we are causing in the ocean. I think that people continue to do this because we don't see and/or understand the future. One of the biggest things that humans do that impact the beaches is litter, especially plastics.

How can you raise awareness/make a difference?

One of the biggest ways to raise awareness is to set an example. If we show other countries, either in the Carribean or other parts of the world, how to dispose of trash etc. properly, we will start a chain reaction. You can also set an example by just picking up trash on the beach, making other people think about doing that the next time they come to the beach to do that etc. Commercials and TV adds are also other really good ways to spread the word along with posters and signs on the beaches, but all of these methods cost money. One of the easiest and most impactful way to raise awareness is to start a conversation. Talk about it with your family and friends.

How can you cross-reference your career and environmentalism?

Well, I want to be an author when I get older and a very simple way to involve environmentalism is to write books about it or to even print my books on eco-friendly paper like 25% cotton paper.

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