Case study
Bringing the message home
Spreading the word about chemicals in farming is really important to this Water Explorer team
Theme: Family Engagement

Gerald Griffin NS is a primary school from rural Ireland, where farming issues are of great concern to the local community.  After learning about chemicals in the ‘Thirsty Farming’ challenge, the students became gravely concerned about excess Nitrogen fertiliser from farms seeping into local waterways and affecting local plant and animal life.

Embracing the Water Explorer values, the students took it upon themselves to set up research teams in their class to investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of using chemicals in farming. Thorough in their investigation, the students gathered information from a wide range of sources including encyclopedias, schoolbooks, Water Explorer fact sheets, and the Internet. 

Analysing the research gathered, the Water Explorers wrote articles for and against the use of chemicals in farming. This information was presented and debated with fellow students, encouraging them to form their own opinions on the matter.

As committed Water Explorers, they went one step further and brought the message home, inspiring their friends and families to reflect on the impact of farming, and consider alternatives to chemical fertilisers such as using composted manure, which are kinder to the environment.

Our Water Explorer journey was “informative, motivating, exciting and enjoyable! I was so impressed with how well it engaged the children!”

         - Chloe Brennan, Teacher from Gerald Griffen National School, County Limerick, Ireland. (08/06/2016)

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