Case Studies
Linking international students in education through water saving
Quality Education
Using permaculture to provide sustainable food supplies
Hunger and Food Security
Water Explorers take on the challenge of tackling secret water in food
Theme: Community Engagement
A Team in South Africa gets a helping hand from two Irish teams
Spreading the word about chemicals in farming is really important to this Water Explorer team
Theme: Family Engagement
Explorers find out about the Water Cycle on their desert Island
Theme: Understanding
Scientists inspire Explorers to restore their lagoon
Theme: Connecting with Nature
Students in Starnberg tackle the hidden water in paper
Theme: Creativity
Explorers from Bambani Primary carefully monitored their local river
Theme: Connecting with Nature
A Water Explorer team work to stop their community dumping electronics in their lake
Theme: Protecting nature
Water Explorers hold a sustainable fashion show at their school
Theme: Creativity
A school in Italy take action to mobilise the local community
Theme: Community Engagement
A school in Turkey work hard to create a productive garden
Theme: Connecting with nature
Team Affogati from La Carovana live the Water Explorer Values by becoming 'secret friends'.
Theme: Values
Danville Park Girls' High School demostrate why joining Water Explorer was a good decision!
Theme: Team
Teams from Italy and the United Kingdom join together to share water saving stories.
Theme: Community
Making a difference in the world is a huge challenge, but all it takes is one first step.
Theme: Achievement
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