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Winner of the Spanish Water Explorer National Event Announced!
Enviado el 12 junio 2019

On the 4th June 2019, the Spanish Water Explorer national event took place in Madrid. Sponsored by HSBC Spain, it was held in the Holiday Inn Bernabeau.

The 3 teams came from Andalusia and the winner was the Ecoescuela La Inmaculada from Salar, Granada – well done!!

Apart from completing all the challenges and creating many new ones, what impressed the judges most was the impact the school had on the local administration. The team discovered that their village of Salar (population 2.639) had no water treatment plant. The subsequent challenges of Water Explorer demonstrated the impact that this situation had on the local river. From then on the team pressurized the local administration to act by: inviting the mayor to the school, contacting scientists, contacting the Provincial Government, ensuring the water treatment plant became part of the manifestos of all the parties in the May election, etc.

The day after the event, on the 5th June – Earth Day -, the children organized a demonstration and this appeared on TV ( and the press ( 

We await to see if their demands are met and the village finally resolves its acute water problem!

The two other teams that competed in the final also received acknowledgement:

A special thanks to all the teams that took part in the programme and we look forward to the International event in October where Ecoescuela La Inmaculada will represent Spain!


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