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Rencontre avec les Jordaniens
Posted by COLLEGE SAINT JOSEPH DU LOQUIDY, France on 6 March 2017
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Rencontre avec nos amis Jordaniens d
Rencontre avec nos amis Jordaniens d'Aman

Romane, Hortense t et Julien ont été sélectionnés pour rencontrer, échanger et comprendre les enjeux cruciaux liés à l'eau en Jordanie.

Voici leur article en anglais!

Jordan is a country of 9 million of persons. It is a poor country concerning water that's why they must avoid to waste it for example by taking a quick shower. We have more resources in France.


There are only 2 water treatment factories in Jordan. Water is a big problem there. The water that flows from the tap is not drinkable. They must use a special filter not to drink contaminated water which can give them many diseases. They do not have enough money to produce fresh water out of saline water as the United Arab Emirates. Thus they depend on rain water.


Jordanian people drink on average eight cups of water a day that represents 10 liters per month. The temperature varies between 30 to 40° Celsius that is why they have water fountain at school.

Romane 5B, Hortense 5C et Julien 5G




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