Casy Study
International collaboration
Teams from Italy and the United Kingdom join together to share water saving stories.
Theme: Community
A skype call between teams

How are students in another part of the world tackling water issues? Felsted School in England and Leonardo Da Vinci School in Italy paired up to find out.

Using Skype, students from England shared their experience of taking Water Explorer Challenges – what they learnt and enjoyed. The Italian students explained how they had won a Water Festival and enjoyed telling other students how to adopt water-saving behaviours.

There is much talk of Global Citizenship within schools and the call offered lots of experiences that fit under this umbrella term.  They enhanced their understanding of how peers in other countries relate to water and the environment.  It was also a great opportunity for the students to put their language skills to the test.  

As the Water Explorer programme grows, we will connect more schools across the world this way, helping students to collaborate and learn from each other.  So look out for even stronger connections within the global Water Explorer community.

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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