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A day in the life of an Indian
Posted by Scoil Eanna, Ireland on 26 May 2015
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Dear Diary ,

At 6:00am this morning I woke up got dressed and walked 0.2 mile to the water pump  to take home 25 liters of water for my family . I arrived home at 7:00am and had to distribute the water . For water I used 2l of water, for cooking we used 2ls for washing . I was feeling happy because I had got water.

At 8:00am I had to walk to the nearest community water pump . At 9:00am I was feeling very tired and had to walk 1 mile to school. I got there at 10:00am and school was just starting. We had to do work untill 12 . At 12  we got our lunch and I was so happy because I got to drink water. Lunch finshered at 1'oclock and we got back to doing our work . 

School finshed at 3:00pm and I walked 1 mile to get home. I was so happy that school was over.  At around 4:00pm I walked 0.2 miles to the water pump . I had to wait 30 minutes quening and had to collect 15 litres  . I arrived home at 5 to help mam with the dinner and cleaned up afterwards . 

After that, I had to travel to the community labrine , I arrived home and washed the clothes and hung them up . I then helped mam to wash my brothers . I was so tired and soon wanted to go to bed. Finally , at 10 I went to bed .

Love from Amit ,Bye 

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