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Water Cycle Workshop
Posted by St Augustines, Ireland on 25 January 2016
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Just before Christmas our class along with PP7 were lucky enough to be selected to get a person into our school to run a workshop all about the water cycle and the amazing journey that a water drop can make. Padraic from Water Explorers came out to us and described the different steps in the water cycle and we then made some posters of our own showing the steps in the water cycle. Everyone in the class explained the different parts of their posters. After this everyone in the class got to make our own rain drop and we gave our rain some very interesting names. The workshop was a great fun and it really helped us understand the journey a single rain drop can go on. As an added bonus our class was then given our amazing prizes of Water Explorer bottles for winning class of the week. We want to thank Padraic! 

WE had great fun learning about where rainwater comes from and learned that it is a very valuable source of fresh drinking water.



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