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Beach Clean up and Rubbish Sculpture
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Posted by The Donahies Community School, Ireland on 14 February 2017
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Beach Cleanup
Beach Cleanup

Beach Clean Up and Rubbish Sculpture:

We organised a beach cleanup as this is our nearest body of water. We went to Claremont beach in Howth and collected the rubbish on the beach. We were surprised at the amount of rubbish on the beach and in particular the amount of plastic. As we know,the smallest amount can be harmful to sea life. The council collected the rubbish we gathered. On our return to school we wanted to make people aware of their actions and how it can affect sea life. We already recycle platic bottles in our school so we decided to highlight the issue of plastic waste that enters the water cycle. We created a sculpture using bottle caps  and it is a bird to represent how wildlife is affected. It takes pride of place in our school and has really created awareness of the issue. 

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