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Posted by Kiltegan National School, Ireland on 28 February 2017
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Homemade cookie anyone?
Homemade cookie anyone?

We have thought again about the foods which we eat and remembered that there is much more water involved in producing 1kg of beef than there is in 1kg of potaotes.

We have been learning about the Famine in History.  Although there was plenty of water, the crops still failed because of the blight.  We began to think about the diet of people in other eras.  We found that often they ate very little or no meat at all.  We made a list of all of the vegetables and vegetarian dishes we like to eat.  Although we do not really want to become vegetarian we see that using more veg and less meat might be better for water consumption as well as having benefits for our health.

We have researched potato recipes online and we also considered chickpea burgers instead of meat ones.  Teacher says they are nice, but we're not sure!

Our favourite recipe at the moment has to be for homemade cookies though. They were so tasty. Everyone is looking for that recipe!

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