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Our National Awards 2018
Posted by The Irish Water Explorer Team on 23 May 2018

On 21st May, the Top 4 Water Explorers in Ireland gathered to celebrate their Water Explorer journey and shared what they have learned and achieved in this academic year.

Global Action Plan Ireland hosted 99 students and 7 teachers that showed a fantastic understanding and commitment on water conservation and Water Explorer values, such as empathy, teamwork, awareness and responsibility.

Rathlee National School, of Co. Sligo led the way. These 4th, 5th, and 6th class students worked tirelessly over the year to reach 810 people, save 758,000 litres of water, and lead 139 people to change their water usage habits! Together, they hosted a ‘secret water swap shop’ to raise funds for students in South Africa. Additionally, they each developed rainwater-harvesting systems on their family farms to collect drinking water for their livestock.

Two-time finalist Donahies Community School, Co. Dublin won the Global Water Award for their work with groups such as ICCH to upcycle and donate items to the homeless.

Our Lady of Victories Boys’ National School, Co. Dublin won the Precious Water Award in recognition for their amazing understanding of upcycling. Their challenge completions showed an indepth understanding of water in everyday of items and highlight how we don't, as a society, value water.

Last minute addition Scoil Mhuire, Co. Dublin won the Fresher Water Award in recognition for encouraging their classmates to use home-grown produce in their school lunches.

Since 2014, Irish Water Explorers have saved over 33 million litres of water and 953 tonnes of CO2 per year!

Congratulations to all the finalists and well done to Rathlee National School, our well deserved 2018 Water Explorer Winner!  


 “The truth is that, without water, there is no life… That is why we need to act now. By each of us making our own small but vital contribution, together we can make a big difference to the world in which we live." Duncan Stewart, Environmentalist and Water Explorer Ambassador.



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