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Water and sustainable energy – welcome to the world of hydrogen!
Posted on 22 June 2020

Dear Water Explorers, are you ready to discover how water is linked to sustainable energy? You absolutely have to learn more about hydrogen - the energy of the future!

Where is hydrogen? Have you ever seen it? Hydrogen doesn't exist naturally on Earth, but it can be produced from other elements through different chemical and physical processes. An example? Water, obviously! Water electrolysis produces hydrogen from H20 molecules.

You want to learn more, don’t you? Here’s the perfect challenge for you! Discover the magic of hydrogen and join the international competition launched by the European project FCHgo!: Discover the Energy of Hydrogen.

The international contest is addressed to all pupils and schools (both primary and secondary schools), which are going to compete to imagine the best hydrogen based applications that can be used in the future in daily life. You can make videos, do a play, make graphic productions and/or models showing an idea or an educational experience concerning possible future applications of the clean energy from hydrogen.

Since schools are closed because of Covid-19 emergency and the Summer season has just begun, we have broadened the chances to participate to the “FCHgo! at Home” edition contest! FCHgo at Home is addressed to whoever stays at home and is curious to learn about hydrogen. You can participate from home with your family or, if you are distance learning, with your class.  

What are you waiting for? Let’s imagine a hydrogen-powered future! Download the Award documents and send us your ideas! Help us to design a more sustainable future!


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