Case Study
Linking food and water
Water Explorers take on the challenge of tackling secret water in food
Theme: Community Engagement

Our Water Explorers are often shocked when they find out how much secret water is lurking in the food we eat (did you know it takes 1,700 L of water to make a single chocolate bar?). As a result teams have come up with great ways to lead the change on more sustainable food production and consumption practices.

The Donahies Community School in Ireland, for example, decided to produce a recipe book that would spread awareness about the secret water in food and at the same time help people to cook more water-wise meals by providing easy to follow recipes. The team even tackled another big environmental issue at the same time – food miles – by creating recipes that were not only water-smart but also seasonal. You can find out more about what they did here.

A Water Explorer team in South Africa – Northdene Preparatory School – had a similar idea. Knowing that much of the secret water in our food comes from meat, these Explorers created a special vegetarian recipe book. They shared it on their school website, with huge success. After just one morning, it had 50 views! You can read all about it here.

Over in Italy Water Explorers researched and wrote out water-smart recipes, and handed them out at their local super-market!

All these Water Explorers know that by making small changes to our diets, and giving others the information they need to make those changes as well, we can have a big impact on the environment!

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