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Malta team wins International Community Impact Award
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Posted by Marvic Refalo on 15 November 2018
At the Award Ceremony at London HSBC Headquarters
At the Award Ceremony at London HSBC Headquarters

Gozo College Middle School wins Water Explorer International Award for actively engaging the local community in water conservation measures

The Misty team from Gozo College Middle School won the Community Impact Award when competing with 3,500 teams from amongst 12 countries. The ceremony was held on Tuesday 23rd October at HSBC Canary Wharf London.

Launched in November 2017 with 12 participating countries, the Water Explorer project attracted twenty seven teams from Malta and Gozo.  The teams from various schools embarked on a mission to raise further awareness about the importance of water. From challenges tackling the issues of water stress to others delving deeper into the virtual water debate they completed several challenges and logged their actions through  an interactive online portal . All their actions were aligned to the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Maltese schools were amongst the most active and four of them received recognition as both Global School of the Week and National School of the Month. Five Maltese schools actually made it to the very top of the international leaderboard out of the 3,500 participating schools. So it was all down to the final face to face presentations and the adjudication process at the National Awards event held in London to select the best amongst the Maltese contestants.

Although the selection process was very close, the Misty Team from Gozo College Middle School was acclaimed as the national winner and was asked to travel to London to represent Malta for the International Awards.

Competing against 11 national winners from Ireland, Spain, Italy, UK, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, and France was not easy. Yet, the team members from the Misty team distinguished themselves in the huge impact they managed to make in their local community and won the Community Impact Award hands down.

Seasonal and local based recipes including the use of carob and wild plants, book swaps, the Walk for Water campaign to raise money for installation of water pumps in Africa, distributing hippo bags, information leaflets and travel cups to curb single use plastics, installation of water butts to collect roof water run-offs, growing their own crops, linking to E-twinning projects and the famous E-Bot mascot made from upcycled materials travelling around Europe to raise awareness about culture and the water saving cause are just a few of the initiatives taken by the Misty team. Water Explorer festivals were also held as a means of community outreach to entice family members and other stakeholders and spur them into action. Interviews on local radio and TV stations were aired, rap songs composed and they also managed to link up with schools from other countries to work together on water-saving tips. As their saying goes; ‘Never too little to care and do our share!’

The overall Water Explorer winners for 2018 were the team Ecole Cerniat from Switzerland.


Local Partner Nature Trust - FEE Malta

Nature Trust - FEE Malta was founded in 1962 with the aim to create awareness on environmental issues and conserve our natural heritage both for the present and future generations.

Today the Non Government Organisation is active in four main areas being :

  • Education for Sustainable Development both in schools and communities mainly through Eco-Schools (locally known as EkoSkola), LEAF (Learning about Forests), YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment), Blue Flag and Green Key.
  • Management and conservation of ecologicallyimportant sites
  • Wildlife  Rescue and rehabilitation
  • Awareness raising on the various environmental issues both in the Maltese islands and Internationally

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