During the expedition your team:

  • touched the lives of 78 people
  • worked with 10 people along the way  
  • convinced 0 people to do something water smart
  • saved 0 litres of water being wasted - that’s enough drinking water for 0 people for a year!

Together you and the other teams in your country have:

  • touched the lives of 12098  of your neighbours
  • worked with 9647 friends and family along the way  
  • convinced 1061 to change the way they use water
  • saved 6700 litres from being wasted - that’s enough water to produce  29 kgs of wheat!

Well done! Your team are exemplar Water Explorers! Have a think about what you can do to go even further - can you use your knowledge and expertise to help others achieve what you have?

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Team of the Month1
Your school has
Reached out to 78 people
Got 10 people involved
Changed the way 0 people use water
That’s 1240 points, 0 m3 of water saved - well done!
Kingsmills Primary School
United Kingdom is proud of our total 30600 points
This school has Reached out to 78 people Got 10 people involved Changed the way 0 people use water
Our UK National Celebration Event 2018
Posted by The Water Explorer Team on 25 September 2018

Last week, on Friday 21st September 2018 the top 3 Water Explorer teams came together at HSBC Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. The day was full of fun, food and judging.

We welcomed Cairis from The Wiggly Wild Show and her water-loving creatures. She taught us all about the wonders of creatures such as hermit crabs, snakes, frogs and (our personal favourite) a giant land snail! The teams even got to have a go at holding the animals.

We were also delighted to welcome our judges from the amazing organisations; Eco Schools; STEM Learning; The World’s Largest Lesson and HSBC.

The day kicked off with the marketplace where each school displayed the incredible work they had done over the last year as Water Explorers. The judges were then able to get to know the teams individually and ask questions. It was then time for the schools to present to the rest of the room. Corbridge Middle School were up first and did a very humorous and creative presentation showing how the different year groups had come together to be strong Water Explorers. Monkspath Junior and Infant School were up next and discussed the remarkable things they had done by connecting to Water Explorer teams in South Africa and Malta. Torwood House School discussed their amazing work alongside their calming water picture presentation that they had put together for their school breakfast club. They also performed a beautiful water saving song. All these impressive presentations made the judge’s decision a difficult one.

After a lot of deliberation Monkspath Junior and Infant School from Solihull were announced the UK National Winners for 2018. The team showed lots of passion, hard work and student leadership in everything they did.

Everyone was so impressed by all the schools and their amazing water saving work, the teams should be so proud of themselves.

We can’t wait to see what the year ahead holds and once again a huge congratulations to Monkspath Junior and Infant School!

The Water Explorer Team


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