School Of The Week Goes To Team Mighty Mpop Protectors!
Posted on 18 June 2015

Congratulations to Mpophomeni Enviro-club  in South Africa for winning this week's Global School of the Week award!

This weeks winners are the top water savers in South Africa, having saved a whopping 11,883,165 litres of water on their journey so far. 

As part of the Secret Water Challenge; Thirsty Paper, they ran a campaign on how to use less paper at school and got 245 people to reduce their paper usage by 10%. They also installed 10 extra recycling points around their school and have managed to get 28 of the school’s leaking taps fixed as part of the Global Water Challenge Rap Tap Tap! 

A huge well done to Team Mighty Mpop Protectors , keep an eye out for your Water Explorer prize!

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