Water is life
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Posted by Felsted Preparatory School , United Kingdom on 7 August 2015
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water life
water life

Water is a strange substance. Its unusual characteristics are something that Science finds utterly weird.we all know that where there is water, there is life.

So, how much water is available on the planet foe humankind? At first glance, that may seem a rather lame question. 72% of the planet is water. But we can’t quench our thirst with salty water! 97% of the planet’s water is just that-salty. Good for wishes but not for us. That leaves 3% of which 2.5% is frozen in Antartic , the Arctic and glaciers. That leaves us with 0.5%  and only one hundredth of that is available on earth’s surface in lakes, rivers and reservoirs, the rest is stored in underground aquifers which are expensive to get to. Keeping these statistics in mind, this activity was very significant where students were supposed to spread awareness about water conservation by sharing some water saving facts through power point presentation, quiz, one to one interaction and make a model of hand pump.

The class was divided into groups where one group was occupied with model preparation of hand pump, the other groups were engaged with information collection on water, its significance, its reason to conserve and methods by which it can be conserved.

Students did fantastic work in all aspects. They made the model of hand pump successfully and gathered all the information on the above mentioned points.

Students gave presentation on water saving facts and hand-pumps where entire class interacted with them and came pump with their way to conserve water. They participated in a quiz on various water saving facts where students enjoyed thoroughly with the purpose to spread awareness. This presentation was followed by a group discussion where students were supposed to write a slogan on water saving in a group and discussed their their with other groups.

So, this way activity was concluded with an impression that through every small initiative by each one of us, we hopefully will be able to overcome the water crisis of planet. As we can share the feeling of water through these lines-

“ I gave you life,

now, Its your turn to reciprocate.”

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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