What A Year For Water Explorer
Posted on 17 September 2015

The long summer break was a great time for us to reflect on the first year of Water Explorer.  And what a start to the programme it was!  The variety of team activities was astounding.  We had the creation of water banks at Birches school in South Africa, children creating rap songs to encourage others to save water at Oakdale Primary School in England and the construction of a vegetable water irrigation system by Goethe Gymnasium Emmendingen school in Germany to name a few. International relations were furthered through Skype school links and we can celebrate that over 57,000 children were inspired to learn about water issues and their role in tackling them in a fun, empowering way.

Of course, not all of our teams created ingenious projects but that is the beauty of Water Explorer.  Every drop counts, whether big or small and together our 589 teams saved over 1 million m3 of water. 

 As we start Year 2 of the programme, we look forward to growing our number of Water Explorers and making an even bigger impression. 


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