Composting on campus
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Posted by St Peter's Girls School, South Africa on 27 October 2015
Girls get to touch the 100% organic compost
Girls get to touch the 100% organic compost

Our groundsmen on campus have been working hard at turning our grass cuttings and other campus refuse into high quality 100% organic compost. The Grade 5 - 7 girls and boys were taken on a tour of the production process. About 300 boys and girls got to see exactly how the compost is made and had the opportunity to ask questions. They visited each section of the process and were encouraged to touch and feel the compost too. They also found out that we are saving a lot of money by making our own compost.   It was a great hands on experience for the kids and we were pleased that we could turn an activity happening on campus, yet out of the classroom, into a learning opportunity. We even had excess compost recently which was sold and delivered to people's homes - some extra income too where the money could be pumped back into our beautiful campus. Making compost also saves water as we arent relying on manufactured water intensive fertilisers which are also not organic and harmful to the soil.

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