St Joseph's team triumphs!
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Posted by Water Explorer UK on 16 December 2015

Welcome to a new Water Explorer team - St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish from Stockport.

This team have begun their Water Explorer journey by learning about the hydrological cycle and the importance of water for sustaining life on Earth. Focusing on precious and global water topics they've been exploring access to clean water across the world and keeping daily water use diaries. This actvitiy has helped students understand how to save water through simple behaviour changes in our daily lives, such as turning off the taps whilst brushing your teeth.

In order to spread the water-saving message to other students and staff they designed and displayed posters for the school reception area.This team are doing a fantastic job demonstrating Water Explorer values, including commitment, empathy and responsibility.

Congratulations to this the team for their triumphs thus far and let's continue the wonderful work from Water Explorers across the UK in 2016! 


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