Water wise palette gardens
Posted by Manor Gardens Primary School, South Africa on 15 April 2016
Enviro Cub hard at work!
Enviro Cub hard at work!

An area in our school had been worn barren by years of little feet passing over it.  As a result, the fine sand and dust was coating our classrooms and of course, the area itself was adding little value to our school environment.  Instead of paving the area we decided to plant palette gardens.  A parent managed to organise a donation of a number of palettes.  We laid the palettes flat on the round and removed two of the inner pieces of wood,  creating square areas big enough to plant.  We then used water wise gardening practices found in permaculture to layer the palette gardens (cardboard, compost and leaf litter, compost and potting soil mix).  We finished off by planting water wise plants, succulents which require little water to thrive and mulching.  

In the attached picture you can see one completed palette full of veggies.  In the palette on which the children are working you can see the cardboard and leaf litter layers.  

We have five or 6 palettes in this area and will be plating them over the next few months with our Enviro Club.  

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