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Posted by Convent Primary School, Ireland on 29 April 2016
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Hello, Our names are Johannah and Róisin, Water masters. Today we did the Pump it Up Challenge. In the motning we watched a video clip of the water cycle. We learned that the SAME water has been recycled on our planet since its beginning millions of years ago. So the water that we are drinking today could have been a DINOSAURS SPIT  10,000,000 years ago !!!!. We also talked about finding clean water in poorer countries and how lucky we are in Ireland. We also had some views on water charges.

Then the teacher divided us into groups andwe started making pumps out of recycled junk from home. We made string pumps, syringe pumps, coin pumps and pulley pumps. We watched each group work their pumps. Some were successful and some did not work.  We decided to vote for the best pump and the string pump won. The winners got the lovely Water Explorer bottles that we got just today. Thanks for the bottles!!!

Water Masters

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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