Posted by Sipha Green Buddies, South Africa on 12 July 2016
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The Treepeneurs with their incredible tree nursery
The Treepeneurs with their incredible tree nursery

We have been fortunate enough to have won the Woolworth Edu plant competition for our permaculture garden. One of the rewards was we were given 80 indigenous trees for our garden. I was curious to know where these trees came from and found out they had been grown and transported all the way from Bloemfontein. I couldnt believe that they had to come from so far away as we were told there were no local suppliers. This gave me the idea to start our own indigenous and fruit tree nursery Our school is located in the perfect climate zone for growing trees. So the Green Buddies set about collecting indigenous tree seeds in the surrounding veld. We collected mostly Umgandank, Umkhuhlu, Umduli and Umsilsi tree seeds and propogated them from October last year. We also grew avacado and mango and banana trees too. It has been so rewarding for the team to see these trees grow into healthy young saplings that are now ready to be transplanted. We are using many in our school grounds to encourage biodiversity. Around 120 trees have been propogated so far we hope to sell these onto the public as we have seen there are very few local suppliers.

Growing our own trees indirectly saves water, encourages biodiversity and provides food at a lower water cost!

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