Rubbing shoulders with Royalty
Posted by Wyebank eco buddies , South Africa on 15 August 2016
Julia Colvin from Water Explorers  joins the Princess at Wyebank luncheon
Julia Colvin from Water Explorers joins the Princess at Wyebank luncheon

Wyebank Secondary kicked off this year’s Water Explorer adventure on a high note when Princess Zama Zulu, the niece of the Zulu Royal family, King Goodwell Zwelentini, came to visit their school. Zama Zulu, the appointed patron and ambassador for the World Water and Food Summit ( WAF) was out from Denmark, on a fleeting visit to her former home, South Africa. Her appeal was to give an all important message of solidarity at the World AID’s Conference in Durban.


So for some of you who are probably questioning Wyebank’s  allegiance with the Royals, last year , Wyebank’s Winning National Water Explorer Team  were blessed with a “ once in a life time opportunity “ to meet Princess in Malaysia at the attendance of WAF conference and awards presentation. She was tasked to do the Youth WAF Award presentation, and having a strong affection for South Africa, she was particularly proud that a school from her home country had won such a prestigious award. “A hard work ethic and dedication to an important cause to take care of our water resources, enabled this school to lead by example and inspire other schools not only in their community but across the world to take a stand for a better, greener future” said Princess Zama Zulu in an emotionally charged speech. Despite a busy schedule, our very “down to earth” princess still found time to join in with a festivities of the day, humorously challenging fellow pupils to join her in a Zulu Dance after which she joined the Water Explorer Committee lead by Sylvie Naicker for a delicious lunch lovingly prepared in her honour.


 Today will be a day firmly etched in all our memories, we have now built stronger relationship with the Princess and hope to strengthen our ties for the benefit of all our learners, a proud Headmaster, Mr Govendar declared. The Princess was so impressed with the poems and recitals presented in the program, she also hope to incorporate these poems in her “ almost” published book being released this year.

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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