'Pitch to Switch' to recycle paper at school
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Posted by Vicarstown NS, Ireland on 15 November 2016
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For this project, our aim was to inspect how good our school were at using recycled paper. Ciarán spoke to each class outlining reasons why the class should switch to recycled paper. He spoke to them about the energy and water wastage in using non-recycled paper.

Tom & Miriam inspected all classes in our school. They learned that most children were not using ‘recycled copies’. They showed all children the recycled symbol and asked children to buy recycled copies in future.

Abbey, Mark & Ryan made scrap paper boxes from disused A4 cardboard boxes. They collected scrap paper which would otherwise have been put in the bin and filled each scrap paper box. They put a scrap paper box in each classroom. Teachers will encourage children to use scrap paper for rough work and other paper based activities in the future.

Faye and Niamh spoke with the school secretary regarding how much paper she orders each year and asked if she would be willing to switch to ‘reycled paper’.   Emily researched the price of recycled paper online. She found a company Klee Paper who sell recycled paper. She gave a quote to our secretary regarding prices of A4 & A3 paper. We will buy recycled paper in bulk in future.



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