Irish Water Explorer Team win WAF Youth Award
Posted on 10 January 2017

This year’s WAF (Water Air Food) Youth Award has gone to one of our Water Explorer teams for all their incredible water-saving work and the fantastic ICARE values that they have demonstrated through these activities! Congratulations to Convent of Mercy Girls National School, from County Cork in Ireland!

The WAF Awards were created to acknowledge and promote individuals and organisations all over the world that implement sustainable projects to secure water, clean air and food, and empower local communities. Their Youth Award aims to encourage young people to help solve problems around water, air, and food.

The team from Ireland dived head first into the Water Explorer programme, completing all 25 challenges including some of their own design, and carried their passion for water with them to all their classes. Their decision to donate prize money they had won to a school in South Africa to help them to establish a fantastic rainwater-harvesting project, is a wonderful example of the team’s empathy and awareness, whilst their hard work to ensure that their whole community was involved in their Water Festival demonstrated commitment and responsibility.  

The Water Explorers worked in teams to organise the Water Festival themselves, and packed it full of bucket loads of fun activities, targeting all students, parents and the local community. An entertaining quiz, lively rally and fun demonstrations and games spread their messages far and wide. They involved 695 people from their small local community in their Water Festival and convinced 592 of them to take a water saving pledge – that’s over 85%!

All in all the Water Explorers of Convent of Mercy Girls National School have had a brilliant water-saving year, and are very worthy winners of the WAF Youth Award.

Check out their Breaking News video here!



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