Please Help Save Water!
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Posted by Home School Nature Club, South Africa on 26 January 2017
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RE:  Please Help Save Water!

In response to the article: “Continue to save water”, that was published in the Village Talk Newspaper of Howick, last week.  I would like to suggest a few ideas or plans for the community of Howick and the Umgeni Municipality to save water for our town, Howick and its people.

  1. The Umgeni Municipality must place “JoJo tanks at strategic places in and around Howick for e.g. at the Falls, Howick Municipality – parking lot, Howick businesses and a few farms to give the people of Howick, access to free water for all, as stipulated in the constitution of South – Africa. This will help the people of our community to access water in an emergency or when there is a lack of water due to the current draught or when there are water shutdowns or restrictions. It should be compulsory for all home owners to fit, install and use JoJo tanks.
  2. Could the Umgeni Municipality not subsidise part of the installation costs for installing JoJo tanks at households in Howick?
  3. The Umgeni Municipality should start putting in water restrictions, so that the people of Howick can get an attitude of saving water.
  4. Residents of the Ambers and other complexes should write a letter to their respected body corporates, asking permission to install their own JoJo tanks. If the body corporates are concerned that the water tanks looks “ugly”, they can then beautify it by building a wall around, hide it in bushes or place it at the washing courtyards, out of sight.
  5. The people that uses JoJo tanks, that wants to clean the water to drink, must find out about the usage of chorine tablets to purify the water for drinking purposes.
  • A 500L tank at approx. R1300.00, will be sufficient to water a household garden.
  • A 2200L tank at approx. R2500 will be sufficient for household use. Chlorine tablets, a sieve and pipe fittings are extra.
  1. If we do not take extra precautions now to start saving and storing up water, we will be caught by surprise and a lot of people and animals will be without water, if the draught continues!

On the attached photo, a Concerned Water Explorer can be seen holding up his collage that he made as a plea to the Umgeni Municipality, to save our water!

Let us all work together and continue to save water and make every drop count!

Concerned Water Explorer!




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