Water inequalities
Posted by ECOLE AUGUSTE CARBONNEL, France on 2 February 2017
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We played a game to know how people in different countries use water.

We studied 5 countries : India, Ghana, Uruguay, the US and the UK.

In India, we had only 40 litres of water at the beginning and sadly it was not enough to do our daily choires.

United States had a lot of water but still not enough because they waste a lot with their pools or bath regarding other contries which only use water for essencial things.

We learnt how difficult it was to cope with a lack of water in poorer countries.

In those countries, you have to walk to get water and sterilise it (because it is full of bacteria) whereas in rich countries water just comes out of the tap !

Some countries have easier access to water than some others.

We are very lucky to live in France and have an easy access to water !

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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