Wonderful Wetlands
Posted by Corrie Lynn School, South Africa on 22 February 2017
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The Water Boosters at work!
The Water Boosters at work!

February is WORLD WETLANDS MONTH. Today we had a fascinating time exploring a wetland only 5 min walk from our school. We learned that wetlands arent always wet and we knew that as this little wetland at Nxamalala is often dry. Now after the amazing 3 days rain we had it was full and flourishing. The ducks and geese were happy for sure. We did some soil samples with a soil auger to see if we could delineate the edge of the wetland. The soil samples showed classic dark grey clay soils. We also then tested the water quality for Nitrogen and Phosphates, both of which can indicate pollution if found above natural levels. The nitrates showed a reading that was higher than natural levels indicating pollution of sorts. We thought it could be from the fertliser run off from the fields of the nearby farms of perhaps some sewerage pollution. We also measure the PH which is the acidity of the water - we got a reading of 6 and it stained yellow showing it was in the normal range.  

We realised the importance of wetlands as they help to slow water down preventing erosion and flooding. They also help to filter and store water for free!!! We really need to look after our wetlands and we plan to make signs to put up to remind people passing by that we need to take care of our Nxamalala wetland. 

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