Rap goes in the world!
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Posted by Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 2 w Markach, Poland on 9 March 2017
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Eko-rap – save the world!


Dear People , it is high time

We looked around us,

What for so many years, my dear,

We have done to our planet…

Around us is poisoned wildlife,

The whole land, air and water…

Tons of rubbish will cover us soon

Even the forest is also littered,

A can is floating in the lake,

Even the sea stinks with oil

And in the mountains sets the trail,

A plastic bottle- our sign…

Recycling rubbish is high time

Cause it is our biggest nightmare,

So we are standing in front of you

To tell some words to you…

When we poison everything

At the end we we kill ourselves too,

So our stupidity is over now

What to do you should know…

- take care of nature

- of clean water

- of clean water.

Jol jol




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