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Posted by Scoil Bhríde.Glen, Ireland on 24 March 2017
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Science Investigation Board! Clean that water up!
Science Investigation Board! Clean that water up!

What is the best way to clean dirty water?

What we did:

We firstly sieved dirty water through a sieve. That took out lumps but sieved water still contained dirt.

Then secondly, we put it through stones that helped clean it. Heavy dirt then settled at bottom.

Thirdly, we put it through filter paper. All the dirt came out but the water was a yellowish colour.

Finally our fourth attempt was to boil the water. It looked cleaner but we were still not happy to drink it.


Our conclusions:

The sieve is good for taking out lumps of dirt but doesn’t remove all of it.

The paper cleared it but there is still bacteria left in the water, If you were a scientist you could take the bacterial out with chemicals..

We have to boil it to make it clean. Firstly we  boiled  very dirty water. The dirt stayed at the bottom and the heat killed the bacteria.

We then boiled filtered water which had all visible dirt removed. This water was clean enough to drink.


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