Global Team of the Week goes to Team Kiltegan NS
Posted on 28 March 2017

Congratulations to Team Kiltegan NS  from Ireland on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

Kiltegan National School Water Explorers have completed bucket loads of challenges already this year. They've completed 20 challenges, including all of the challenges in the Global Water and Precious Water Missions! Last week they wrote two fabulous newsreels: you can read what they had to say about their water filtration experiment here.

Thanks to all this great work, the Water Explorers at Kiltegan National School have shared their water-saving knowlegde with loads of people, and have managed to save lots of water as well! One of their big projects as Water Explorers has been to lobby their school to switch to 100% recycled paper, which they have done sucessfully. This relatively small switch will mean that their school continues to be water-smart for years to come!

The Explorers have also helped their school to save water by encouraging other students to eat less meat. They experimented with different low water recipes such as the chickpea burger and cookies.. you can guess which was the favourite!

Well done Kiltegan NS Water Explorers, keep up  the fantastic work!

The Water Explorer Team


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