The International Celebration Event 2017
Posted on 20 October 2017

On Wednesday 18th October we returned to HSBC UK Headquarters for the Water Explorer International final. Our UK national winners – Corbridge Middle School enjoyed another trip to London, and even managed to fit in a visit to the Science Museum and Sea Life aquarium.

When the students arrived at HSBC there was plenty of food, cupcakes and fun activities waiting for them. They also got to share what water saving activities they had done over the year with HSBC partners and guests.

After lunch the real excitement began as all the national winning teams from all the other countries came together over video conference. All the countries had a video showing their Water Explorer highlights of the year. Each country then explained why their school had been awarded their national winner. It was amazing to hear all the different ways teams had saved water and reached out to their community.

It was then time to reveal the results. Of course it was way too difficult to pick just one winner. Five awards were given to different teams;  

Poland’s team, Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 2 w Markach, won the Community Impact Award for the great lengths they went to include as many people as possible in their Water Explorer journey.

Spain’s team, Los Guardianes Del Aqua, won the Water Explorer Values Award for their dedication and enthusiasm to each challenge from beginning to end.

Switzerland’s team, Les Sorciers de l’eau, won the Water Savings Award for their dedication and amazing amounts of water savings achieved through the completion of the secret water challenges.

South Africa’s team, Siphankamile Primary Combined School, won Water Explorer International Runner up because they really impressed the judges with their commitment to maintaining their permaculture garden, even with the limited resources available to them.

In the end, Turkey’s team Guzeltepe Ahmet Yesevi Primary School came out as the Water Explorer International winner. They had blown away the judges with their achievements of creating change not only in their school but also in their local area. They managed to visit a water bottling factory and the team convinced the company to put water drop labels with water saving facts onto the water bottles. These bottles reached 1000 local families!

It was an amazing day and the judges were thoroughly impressed by all the national winners. Every team is a winner and should all give themselves a huge round of applause for the incredible work they have done.

We can’t wait to see what the new and old teams will be doing this year!

The Water Explorer Team


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