Our Plastic Legacy Community Event
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Posted by Beaconhurst School, United Kingdom on 20 March 2018

Lots of pupils at Beaconhurst are concerned about the effects of plastic pollution on the environment. Our One Earth Eco Club got together with the Eco committee to create a Plastics Focus group. We brainstormed ideas on different topics.  We aim to raise awareness of our plastic usage and reduce it.

We held an event called ‘Our Plastic Legacy’. We invited companies, teachers, friends and families from our community.  This event was led by pupils.

Our head boy and girl, Daniel Hesp and Rhona Kiernan started off by talking about the damage plastics have on our environment. They explained how they travel into the sea, harm animals and enter the food chain. Next, Prefect Charlotte Fletcher talked about the chemistry of plastics and why they can’t biodegrade. She explained that plastics have important uses but aren’t necessary for everything, particularly single-use plastics. After that, Emma Keith (S1) told us about what we as a school community have done to reduce plastic waste.

Next, I played an interactive game with the audience called ‘lose your bottle’. The game teaches us how much water is used to create a bottle of water. Why don’t you try the game? you might be surprised, as it is a lot!

Heather Hale (S1) and Tara Mathewson (S1) then asked a very thought-provoking question which was ‘are we willing to ruin an environment simply for convenience?’ Isabelle Kendall and Anya Cairns, from P7, then tipped out all the water bottles that school pupils had used this year. They showed us a Beaconhurst water bottle they designed. Buy selling this we would hopefully reduce single-use water bottles on campus. The reusable Beaconhurst water bottle is made out of metal so it can ultimately be recycled.

We then worked in groups to come up with ideas on how to use less plastic individually. We also thought of ideas that we could pursue as a community. We will let you know of our progress shortly.

Over all our event was very successful and we had very positive feedback from our visitors. Here is what some of them said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learnt new ways of reducing my consumption of plastics and to encourage others to do the same. The presentations were informative and thought provoking and confidently delivered.”  Mr Mercer, Member of the public

“I thought the presentations were excellent and the pupils involved deserve a lot of credit for their attitudes, ideas and innovation to this cause.  If there were community projects or groups in future, then I am sure we would be receptive to offering support if we could.”  Sharon Dudgeon, University of Stirling

I was going to email you this morning to say how fantastic your plastic legacy event was.  The pupils were wonderful, so mature and passionate in their delivery, you could really see how important it was for them to engage with the community and raise awareness of the issues and actions people can be taking!”  Michelle Adamson, Keep Scotland Beautiful



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