Saving Water In Our Bathroom
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 13 April 2018
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In Our Shower: While the water’s heating up, the water falls into the grey-water bucket. And when we put on soap or shampoo, we switch off the water. We use this grey-water for flushing or water a plant.

In Our Sink: Instead of a plug, we have a square container that we wash our hands in. When the water gets too soapy, we put it into the grey-water bucket.

When We Flush: We only flush when there’s poo in the water. And when the grey-water bucket is full, we pour the grey water into the toilet instead of flushing.

Brushing Our Teeth: We use a cup to rinse our brushes, mouths and sink instead of running the tap.

By Callum le Roux

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