The italian winner is the team SAVERS OF WATER!
Posted by InEuropa srl on 6 June 2018

Best compliments to the italian winner of the Water Explorer project, the team Savers of Water from school of Ferrara, and to the other 4 teams participating at the national award event in Milan on 4th of June!
The winner team stood out for the quality of the commitment shown as “water explorer” during the school year, both in the implementation of the project’s activities and in the organization of the Water Festival locally. The students are only 9 years old, but they are very engaged: they has been awarded thanks to their communication skills, showned also during the exposition, and to the quality and originality of the activities carried out during the project's implementation. They created a series of water savers games, built a "water savers house" based on the domotic system and they made special biological soaps with the collaboration of the University of Ferrara!

Waiting for the international event in London!


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