The International Celebration Event 2018
Posted on 1 November 2018

On Tuesday 23rd October we returned to HSBC UK Headquarters for the Water Explorer International final. This time we were joined by all the 11 National Finalist teams from across the world.

To kick off the day, when the teams arrived at HSBC they set up their own banner display to show off all the amazing water saving activities they had done over the year. We then had the students go around the room to share their stories with the other teams. This was so the students could find out what water issues teams in other countries were facing and to help them to cast their vote for The Student Choice Award. We introduced this new award, so all the teams could have their say in who they believed deserved an award.

It was then time to sit down and watch the country highlights videos which showed the incredible work all the teams in the countries had been up to over the year. The delivery partner from each country then introduced their team and explained why they had been awarded their National Winner. It was amazing to hear all the different ways teams had saved water and approached the challenges.

It was then time to reveal the results. Of course it was way too difficult to pick just one winner. Six awards were given to different teams;  

Malta’s team, Gozo Middle School, won the Community Impact Award for their incredible efforts to ensure their water-saving message reached as many people as possible.

Germany’s team, Sekundarschule Schkopau, won the Water Saving Award as they demonstrated a strong awareness of the importance of involving everyone in their community in their water saving campaign which resulted in huge water savings!

UK’s team, Monkspath Junior and Infant School, won the Sustainable Development Goals Award as they had centred their work around their learning of the SDGs. They tackled various Goals through their Water Explorer activities.

South Africa’s team, Ebomvini Primary School, were awarded the Innovation Award and The Student Choice Award for the fantastically creative ways the team upcycled rubbish and thereby save the ‘secret’ or embedded water hidden within them.

In the end, Switzerland’s team Ecole Cerniat were revealed as the Water Explorer International winner. They had blown away the judges with their amazing commitment to the water saving cause along with a deep understanding of the importance of water to people around the world. As they became more aware of the differences in access to water around the world they felt a responsibility to do something to help and managed to raise 5,000 Swiss Fancs to install a water supply system in a village in Togo.

Overall, the day was a huge success and we even managed to squeeze in a visit to the London Eye and The Sea Life Aquarium with all the teams. Every single team should be incredibly proud of themselves, they are truly inspiring and have made such a huge impact.

We can’t wait to see what the new and old teams will be doing this year!

The Water Explorer Team


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