Grande Dixence's dam
Posted by Les Ayent'eaux_2020, Switzerland on 22 November 2018

Visit of the Grande Dixence dam by the Ayent'eaux

At the beginning of the school year, we visited the Grande Dixence dam.
It is the most massive dam in Europe and the highest dam weight in the world: it is 285 meters high. It is accompanied by a zip line of approx. 275m long, it is the longest in French-speaking Switzerland.
A dam weight is a dam that holds water with its weight, on average they are between 30 and 100 meters high. It can move several centimeters.
During our visit, we could penetrate the dam wall.

On the contrary, an arch dam is a dam that retains water thanks to its arch form. The pressure of the water is distributed on both banks of the narrow valley.

From the dam to electricity
First, the glacier water is stored in the lake held by a wall.
Then, when the valves are opened, the water goes down into penstocks into the hydroelectric plants.
Then, the water turns a turbine that runs a generator ...
It makes electricity !!!

The bravest of us could test the longest zip line in French-speaking Switzerland. We were a little scared because it was impressive.
Look at the pictures!

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