Posted by Les Ayent'eaux_2020, Switzerland on 4 December 2018
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Run for water


We have chosen, for our fundraising, to help the association "Métissages" because it corresponded to our expectations: to help people in need of water. The leaders came to our class and shared two of their future projects in Burkina Faso.

The first project was to help the people of the commune of Dargo, composed of several small villages. The district, Towogodo far from the city, is located more than 8 kilometers from the nearest water point. Its inhabitants have to travel this distance daily to go and to return, that two to three times a day.

The second project is also in Burkina Faso, in Boulsa for Métissages school, founded by this association. These seven hundred students must buy expensive water from vendors who do not spend much time.

We had to choose one of the two projects, which was difficult because we wanted to help both the people of Dargo and the students of Boulsa.

We finally voted and opted for the first project and quickly came up with the idea of ​​organizing a race that would allow us to better represent the distance covered and the daily physical effort of our African comrades. We called it RUN FOR WATER.

We contacted the principal of our school who immediately trusted us and gave us his permission.

We brought to our adventure all the students of our school, those of the school of a neighboring village as well as the pupils of the Orientation Cycle of our commune.

We prepared, for each student, an envelope for looking for sponsors. All the Ayent'eaux, namely, the 17 students of our class, in groups, went through all the classes of the three schools to present our project to both children and adults. At that time, we gave them the envelopes that were used to search for donations.

We then contacted the municipality and the canton to obtain the authorization of the closing of roads during the race and we obtained it.

We were able to count on the help of teachers from the three schools who agreed to play the game, who encouraged and advised us. We would like to thank them.

We also, in course ACM, cut out, for each participant, drops of water to pin on the T-shirt, the day of the race. We also made a huge check to give to the people of the association with the amount collected.

On the day of the demonstration, on Friday, November 30, some Ay'eaux had eaten there to make the final preparations. Students from all three schools arrived and we warmed up on catchy music. Then, each runner hung a drop of water with the inscription of his first name. It was to remember that we ran for people who do not have access to water like us. The race started at 14:45 and for one hour, the students ran bravely in the rain trying to make 8 laps, representing the 8 kilometers traveled in Burkina Faso to get water.

All the participants gathered at the end of the race and we were able to thank everyone and present the check we had prepared.

Thanks to the investment, the motivation and the help of more than 500 students, and more than 30 teachers, the Ayenteaux can help 1000 people in Africa, by building two wells in the commune of Dargo and a well in Boulsa. Indeed we have collected more than 16'000 Swiss francs.



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