Doing good science
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 3 April 2019

This years Water Explorer program kicked for with some interesting and uniquely South African challenges, The Moringa challenge and the Grey Water Experiment. Today we learnt lots of exciting new facts about Moringa Trees. Originally from Indian, this plant is now propagated all around the world. This magic Moringa tree serves a multitude of purposes as a nutritional supplement packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and protein. It is also used extensively as a medicinal plant for a range of illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive problem and so on. All the children were told to bring 2 litres of grey water to school and we then proceeded to learn about the how to apply the scientific method to a simple experience measuring the growth and health of a spinach plant grown with tap water as appose to grey water. By learning about how to control for different variables like sunshine, the amount of water each plant receives and using the same soil type we learnt how to do ‘ good science’ that would not reinforce bias or screw the results. We then made peanut butter brittle out of moringa powder. It was delicious.

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