A2TROC trade sale
Posted by Les Ayent\'eaux_2019, Switzerland on 8 April 2019
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A2TROC trade sale
For the challenge of bartering to save water, we first learned about the amount of water needed to make clothes and things, and we brainstormed ideas for saving money in the classroom. water. So we decided to organize a sale exchange to give a second life to our objects. We contacted the parents' association of Ayent and Arbaz to find out if they were interested and if they could help us. After their positive response, we booked the gym and playground of St Romain. We looked for a name for this event and called it A2TROC. We made posters that we put in the municipalities of Ayent and Arbaz. We created flyers to explain the concept of the sale exchange and we distributed them to all the pupils of the primary schools of Ayent and Arbaz as well as those of the Cycle of Orientation when we went in the classes for introduce them to our project To publicize our event, we wrote an article in the local newspaper "L'Agache" and 69 families registered for our exchange sale. We decided to organize our water festival on this occasion and we set up a booth with signs to present the work done in class this year.
The day before the sale, we received all the equipment and put it in place. For over 4 hours, we sorted games, books, accessories, shoes and clothes by size, in both gyms.
On D-day, we divided up in the different positions: some watched over the bouncy castle, others held the stand of the water festival, others helped with the service of the drinks and the cash register.
This event has been a huge success and a forthcoming sale will be organized. We were also able to recover the unsold items and we were able to bring more than 50 bags full of games, books, shoes, clothes to the SOS Children's Association.

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