Green Flag Classes - 4S and 5P
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 15 April 2019
Our own mini happy earthfestival
Our own mini happy earthfestival

We are so proud of our two Green Flag classes for Term 1, 4S and 5P! The criteria for a Green Flag is as follows: at least 80% of the class must recycle on a regular basis, (Well done to Grade 5P, who have a 100% recycling rate!), a clean and tidy area within and around the classroom, and a healthy lunch box always. As a reward for their hard work, these learners enjoyed an hour "mini happy earth festival", whereby our Grade 5 recycling monitors hosted seven various activities and games. Learners split into seven groups as they rotated and took part in each activity/game. These included: blindfolded tree hugging (guess the tree), minute to win it secret water, pledges, sort the recycling, eco-system cycle, hydraulic fracturing petition and water saving ideas. These are the same activities that our recycling monitors enjoyed hosting at the Happy Earth Festival on Friday 12 April 2019. Our learners discovered many new ideas and information as they explored ways to save water, secret water and energy. They also learned about the grave dangers that hydraulic fracturing imposes on our land and water. Mostly, they seemed to enjoy the outdoor activity where they had to hug a tree blindfolded, and then try to guess which tree it was. We thoroughly enjoyed our “earth hour”.  We took pictures and posted them on our information boards for the whole school to see. We also displayed our pledges here, and some anti - litter posters that a "dunk the junk" team had designed to combat the litter.

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