Creating something out of (almost) nothing
Posted by Thanduxolo Primary School, South Africa on 24 April 2019
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The paper making process is one that an individual does not think about everyday. Let alone, one is usually not aware of how much water is needed to make paper. A representative from the Water Explorers program was kind enough to visit Thanduxolo Primary school and expose learners to the paper making process. For something that is in front of them everyday, the learners were taken by surprise when they found out how much water is needed to make one piece of paper. They were split into groups and given the task to arrange the process in order. The groups then acted out each step of the process to the class. Once the class had a firm grip on understanding how paper is made, they put their newfound knowledge to the test. They mixed paper pulp and water together, placed it on a screen, and waited for it to dry. The result: paper! It was an easy process that the learners enjoyed immensely. The water ngwenyas are looking forward to taking a bite out of more challenges in the future!

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