Swiss award ceremony
Posted by Yaëlle Linder on 2 May 2019

The Swiss award ceremony will take place on June 14 at Aquatis in Lausanne!It will close the third year of the programme's existence in French-speaking Switzerland. For this day, 3 teams will be invited. They will have fulfilled 3 conditions: to take up challenges and put the results on the water explorere' website, organize a water festival and to climb to the top of the scoreboard! Teams that have taken up challenges and planned / organized a water festival (a promotion of the work on the programme) must absolutely add their results on the website before May 21 to be able to participate in the contest and keep informed the person in charge the program via email. This day will allow the 3 invited teams to present their work in the desired form for 20 minutes before a jury of experts in sustainable development of education and then visit the fantastic world of freshwater life. We warmly thank Aquatis, Europe's largest freshwater aquarium, for allowing us to organize this event at home! We thank our partners and sponsors The Loterie Romande, The Foundation Göhner and Nestlé SA for having believed in this program and thus allow its maintenance this school year!


Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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