Bambanani- Reduce, Reduce, Recycling and Rethink
Posted by Bambanani Primary School, South Africa on 29 May 2019
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The grade 6 was involved in a Water Explorer challenge called Thirsty Paper!! Did you know that 1 x A4 paper uses 10 litres of water to make? We learnt that water is used to grow the trees, boil the wood chips, screen and bleach the paper. These are valuable resources we are squandering when we throw away and buy yet more paper. This we learnt is simply unsustainable. This challenge helped learner understand the impact we make when we throw away paper or any other recyclable material. This year Bambanani has decided to launch its recycling program extended their old recycling facilities to include white paper, glass and cardboard. We are also trying to recover and recycle our grey water by using tippy taps and encouraging learners to dump their old dishwater into a half jojo tank for garden irrigation. In years to comes we would love to live in a completely paperless generation.

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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