From cradle to grave!!
Posted by Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa on 29 May 2019
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Most of us don’t think about what happens to our waste when we toss our once useful stuff into the bins. Chances are these things we throw away will end up in some landfill site encroaching on valuable habitats and releasing toxic gasses and chemicals into our atmosphere and groundwater. In a finite planet, there is no such thing as ‘away’!! Waste will always find its way back to haunt us!! If we are going to live a good, healthy, happy and long life we will need to start thinking of better ways to deal with our waste!! The concept of Reuse, Reduce, Recycling and Rethink are shifting the ways we manage our waste. By recycling we learned we make new products out of old produce reducing the need for virgin material and decreasing our reliance on natural sources like metal for tins, sand for glass and trees for paper. This helps to save our soil, forest, water and biodiversity in a win-win scenario for our planet and its people. After playing the papermaking card game we look at different ways to could reuse, reduce and recycle paper and put these principals in practice by reusing old newspaper to make some pretty impressive baskets. We were also excited to show Julia our grey water experiment, we have been testing our indoor Lilly plant using two types of water. Based on our observations and calculations we plotted a graft to compare the growth of the two plants. We found that the plant watered with grey water grow faster and had more colour than the plant grown with tap water. We were all surprised by our findings. 

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