Reusing and Upcycling for a greener planet
Posted by Mjila primary, South Africa on 29 May 2019
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For the thirsty paper and recycling challenge, we used cardboard to make cool paper bracelets. The learners cut cardboard strips and wound them into beads on recycled lollipop sticks rescued from the schoolyard. The learners got to keep them or give them away to new friends. The explorers can now share what they did with friends and family to show their community how easy it is to reuse their waste that they would ordinarily throw away. The kids loved doing hands-on activities but will need to be a little more prepared bringing their supplies next time. We are proud to report that the 4 Jojo tanks and most of the guttering paid for with our Water Festival monies has been installed, the tippy taps reintegrated so we are also doing our bit to make each drop matter!!

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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