The team that will represent Switzerland is Les Ayent
Posted by Yaëlle Linder on 17 June 2019

The team that will represent Switzerland for the international awards ceremony that will take place in October 2019 by videoconference is the Ayent'eaux, 8H class of Ayent, municipality of Valais adret. This team of Water Explorers were 17 students aged 12 under the responsibility of their teacher, Antoine Beytrison. They did an incredible exploration on the water throughout the school year by browsing the entire program (12 challenges and 2 extra) month after month. They set up a humanitarian project within the programme (Run for water) involving the 522 primary and CO students from the villages of Ayent. The fundraiser, which refers to the challenge of "global water connections", has raised more than CHF 16,000 to finance the drilling and construction of four wells in Burkina Faso in four different villages and allow more than 1000 inhabitants of Burkina Faso to have drinking water daily close to home. Their altruistic spirit, their envy and their autonomy demonstrated a strong involvement, a lot of creativity and a Water Explorer "spirit". The jury was unanimous! Congratulations to the students and their teacher!



Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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